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Copper Agates

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Please contact us to see if the copper agate you are interested is still for sale. Most of the agates are now being shown at the various shows.

To really understand these very rare and unique agates, a must read is an article by Dr. Wayne Sukow in the November 2011 issue of rock and gem magazine . It explains about the rare copper infused agates of the Kearsarge lode, found in just a few area mine dumps in upper michigan.

Dr. Sukow was also one of hte main speakers  at the 2012 International Agate show in Minnieapolis this last July. Those presentations are available for sale at the minnieapolis rock club website.

I got to meet up with Dr. Sukow, and it was a great pleasure to spend time with him discussing these very rare agates. Getting Dr. Sukow and Jack Hobart together at the agate show was a real treat for all!!!

Dr. Sukow's website is http://www.sukowssuperiorminerals.com/U-Read.html




e175.jpgA super nice paired set from the Wolverine #2 mine dump. Eye upon eyes of copper with super defined copper banding around chalcedony. There is also an eye of copper in the main part of the solid chalcedony, but the eye is not in the other half. One of the nicer sets found at the wolverine. This set weighs in at 5 grams.

Item #E175 Cost is $250   SOLD!




e185.jpgThis little beauty shows very nice chalcedony banding with copper on one end, and a copper eye with quartz and banded chalcedony on the other end. A classic Wolverine #2 specimen that weighs 2 grams.

Item #185 Cost is $40





This very large wolverine #2 paired set is a good mixture of a quartz ball end with a light purple color, copper bands, then light pink banded chalcedony, a very wide band of copper then a pure white agate eye. The bands of copper have a multicolor hue to them from silver, red, purple. This sample has it all and weighs a hefty 15 grams.

Item #E157 Cost is $200










e158.jpgA nice paired set from the wolverine #2 with multiple solid copper eyes and nice banded chalcedony. The one copper eye is in a patch of quartz as seen on both sides of the samples. The other side of it has a light green mineralization along with a spec of copper. This very nice pair weigh 8 grams.

Item #E158 Cost is $100




e181.jpgA very nice paired set of copper infused agates that shows two eyes, one at each end. One is of swirls of chalcdeony with sprays of copper throughout the eye. The other eye is of a black mineral and copper in quartz with bands of quartz. In the middle, is very nice banding of pink colors of chalcedony. A super nice set that weighs in at 4 grams.

Item #181 Cost is $70







e159.jpgThis is a paired set from the Wolverine #2 and they show a mix of 2 copper eyes, banded chalcedony, quartz which has a light purple tint and a small round area of a green mineralization, which has a section of purple in it which sits in a section of quartz.There is small thin copper bands around the one copper eye. This pair weighs up at 5 grams.

Item #E159 Cost is $ 50






Paired set of wolverine #2 showing mostly copper with a quartz ball which has larger crystals with a light gray coating on them. It also has a small area of green mineralization in it. The pair also has thin bands of copper around areas of quartz. This pair weighs 5 grams.

Item #E160 Cost is $150





e180.jpgThis set shows a wide band of copper along with a copper eye mixed with both quartz and chalcedony. The set weighs in at 8 grams.

Item #E180 Cost is $150






A nice paired set that has multiple eyes of copper and chalcedony. One of the eyes is of solid copper. There is also a spot of silver on one of the eyes. Silver is rarely found in these copper infused agates. you have a quartz center with a circle of copper spots and chalcedony in it. the quartz is like a looking glass with near clear crystal. A very unusual pair. This pair weighs in at 13 grams.

Item #E182 Cost is $400




e167.jpgA nice paired set from the wolverine #2 that shows a large area of banded copper with thin banding of light colored chalcedony. There is also chalcedony behind the large banded copper area. There is also another small round green colored mineralization. This set weighs 8 grams.

Item #E167 Cost is $200





b453.jpgThis nice paired set from wolverine #2 shows 3 eyes on each face. two eyes have copper banding in them. the third eye has many spots of light green coursing through t he shades of pink and clear bands. there is also a spot of copper in the third eye. This set weighs 5 grams.

Item #B453 Cost is $50sold






b420a.jpgThis nice little paired set that weighs 2 grams. The left side has a window of clearer agate, with a trace of purple of what looks like amathyst in it. the right side of  the pair has two small areas of what looks like amathyst again.

Item #B420 Cost is $ 25






A nice banded pair with quartz on one end and agate banded with copper. This set weighs 7 grams.

Item #b325 Cost $95







e161.jpgAnother paired set from wolverine #2 which shows thick bands of copper between sections of quartz. Also notice the extra copper which extends past the body of the amygdule. The weight of this set is 5 grams.

Item #E161 Cost is $50 SOLD









A nice large set of wolverine copper agates shows a large bullseye copper eye at the top. In the close up picture you can see 3 circle eyes of agate and each has a copper banding around them. there is a smaller copper eye just below the main copper  banding.  The lower larger section of agate changes over to quartz, then into the forming of a quartz geode. the quartz also has spots of copper in it as well. This set weighs 19 grams. This set has been grounded with a 600 grit wheel, but not polished.

Item #b370 Cost $195sold




e152a.jpge152b.jpgThis is a nice copper agate shown just as it was found on the wolverine #2 pile. The solid copper eye extends out from the agate. The copper eye has what looks to be white datolite around the eye. The copper eye is in solid agate in which half way changes to multiple nice banding.  A very nice specimen that shows some of the great combinations of minerals and metals. It weighs 2 grams.

Item #E152 Cost is 45








This specimen has two agate eyes, the large eye has a dot of copper in it as well as some mineralization. the smaller agate eye has copper in its eye. there are at least 5 different colors of agate in this piece. It wieghs a little over 1 gram.

Item #b347 Cost $45sold









A nice large 9  gram piece with a large solid copper eye with a nice copper band around the copper eye. one part is quartz with copper linings around the edging, the other half is nice banded agates in 3 distinct agate  bandings.

Item #b339 Cost $145 SOLD








The piece on the left has a white agate eye, with a copper band around it. It also has a small area of purple in the main body of agate. the piece on the right has 6 bands of copper around th4e agate eye. The outer part is quartz lined with copper. Total wiegh is 2 grams.

Item #B356 Cost $75






b328 b328best.jpgA nice large half has two eyes of agate and scattered copper, with outer  bands of nice agate, it then goes to solid agate with no banding. It also has copper lined at the opposite end of the eyes. It weighs 7 grams.

Item #B328 Cost $95







b371.jpgA nice pair of copper agates,  with two solid copper eyes, with bands of copper and agate. the one end has quartz sprayed with copper. This set weighs 15grams. it has been ground with a 600 grit wheel and not a finish polish. 

Item #B371 Cost $215SOLD







e164.jpgA really nice paired set from the wolverine #2 mine dump. It shows very bright white and tan chalcedony banding with sections of quartz and bands of copper. Notice the left side half is missing a small part. This set weighs 4 grams.

Item #E164 Cost is $50







e172.jpgA very nice paired set from the wolverine #2 mine dump. It contains a very large very nice banded chalcedony eye that has a dot of copper in the eye. It also has a second smaller eye  on the side of  the large eye. It also has another section of chalcedony which is next to a pocket of quartz. A very nice sample showing a complex mix of minerals and metal. This set weighs 6 grams.

Item #E172 Cost is $50







326.jpgThis set of copper agate has a large copper eye in the larger piece, and a small copper eye in the smaller piece. The large copper eye also has some white agate plus dark agate and red mineralization all inside of it. this set has been ground with a 220 grit wheel, and has not been given a final polish. the set weighs  4 grams.

Item # B326 Cost $20SOLD







A single piece of a copper agate that has a seperate eye on each side of it. the side showing has an eye of both datolite and creme color agate. It also has streaks of datolite in 3 other spots. there is also purple showing up in the agate. Purple is rare to show up in these wolverine copper agates. The other side eye is smaller but with more of the purple colorin it, and datolite in several areas. There is a green mineral in the center of this eye. A very unusal piece combing agate, copper, datolite and other mineralizations in it. This piece has two seperate eyes.

Item# B327 Cost $100







350.jpgA small copper agate with a solid copper eye, with several bands of copper mixed in with the  banded agate. It was ground down only to a 600 grit, and does not have a final polish.                    It weighs 1 gram.

Item #B350 Cost $45








b352.jpgThis item has a large quartz eye, and in the eye there is sprays of copper and a bit of white agate. It has a redband of agate, and has multiple brown layers. There is a fracture line going through the agate layers.It weighs  2 grams.

Item#B 352 Cost $45 SOLD








b348.jpgThis unusal piece has a quartz ball on one end and it has a light purple hue to it. It also has small spots of copper included in the quartz as well. There is a eye at the middle of the specimen, It has a small quartz, agate, and copper eye. there is then more agate banding then an unusal green color in quartz, then the very end has a agate/copper eye. It weighs  6 grams.

Item #B348 Cost  $50 SOLD






e183.jpgA nice paired set that shows a solid copper eye in the center of the amygdule, with a  black mineral around the eye along with some chalecdony in spots. The set weighs 7 grams.

Item #E183 Cost is $200






b327.jpgThis matched set is a nice example of copper infusing into quartz. It has nice thick bands of copper running through it.

Item #B 327 Cost  $25 SOLD








This matched  set is a combination quartz and agate lined with copper. the one half has a solid copped agate eye with nice banding of copper and light purple agate. the other half is just  bands of agate. the majority of this set is mainly quartz. the set has copper banding around the outside edges. this is a nice set showing quartz, copper and agates. the set has been given a final diammond polish.

 Item #B330 Cost $70








This sample is mainly quartz with some nice solid areas of copper. There is a small area of agate in the one corner.  When usisng a loop, you can see different tiny colors in the quartz. The colors are purple, blue.  pink. There is also a line of copper infusing into the  quartz. The item weighs 7 grams.

Item #B369 Cost$40 SOLD








This paired set of copper banded agate was not cut completly through. It was lightly ground, and not polished. As a specimen it is unique in that it stands on its own. The eye is a solid copper with a gold tinge in the one half. This set weighs 3 grams.

Item #B353 Cost $165    SOLD



b335.jpgA nice sample of a combination of  quartz, and copper infused agate.  one half has a nice solid copper eye with a wide band of copper and a thin band in a nice creme and light translucent  agate, the other side is quartz. The picture does not give it true justice as far as colors. Another rare sample of the mix of quartz with copper infused into the agate. The specimen weighs 2 grams.

Item #B335 Cost $65 SOLD







e162.jpgWolverine #2 paired set showing nice white chalcedony banding in the eye with thin bands of copper around the eye and on the rims. The copper banding has red, purple, and copper coloring. The set weighs 3 grams.

Item# E162 Cost is $ 50








A nice sample of a banded agate with copper infused on the one side.  When viewed with a loop, it looks like the bands of agate are around thin layered rounded seams of quartz.  a great micro sample of mixing of minerals and metal. The weight of the sample is 1 gram.

Item #B362 Cost $45 SOLD








This paired set is a nice and unusual set. It has white agate with swirls of purple throughout the white agate. It also has sprays of copper all through the agates. One half of the pieces are about 25 domed chambers of quartz with small bands of agate around them. There is also splotches of what looks like amethyst in them. There is also a large amount of green mineralization as well. This is a great micro mineral specimen. The weight of this set is 4 grams.

Item #B375 Cost $45 SOLD








e171.jpgThis wolverine set is a large quartz amygdule with very nice bands of native copper. I cannot tell if it is quartz or chalcondony between the bands of copper. This large set weighs in at 15 grams.

Item #E171 Cost is $80








b387.jpgb387b.jpgA copper agate in a basalt matrix from the wolverine mine dump. It has a solid copper eye surrounded by a light green crystal mineralization, then bands of white and creme agate, with a small area of banded red agate. There is also a streak of copper going into the agate from the other end of the amygdule. There is also a small quartz lined bubble on the other face. Some of the quartz crystals have a green mineral coating. The bubble extends back and bends to the left. This specimen weighs 2 ounces.

Item # B387 Cost $25 SOLD






e184.jpgThis sample shows a large solid copper eye which has a spot of silver on it. It also has bands of light color chalcedony and some quartz. Finding any silver in these infused agates is very rare. This sample weighs in at 2 grams. The spot on the copper eye is just a light reflection.

Item #184 Cost is $75







b340.jpgA nice large copper infused agate and quartz sample. It has a creme agate eye that has streaks and bands of copper around it along with bands of creme, white and clear colors. There is also several streaks of copper in the eye. It then has a band of copper around it and separates it from the quartz part. There is another small spot of agate near the dark mineralization. There is also some copper banding around the quartz portion. It weighs 9 grams.

Item #B340 Cost $45



332.jpgA matched pair of copper agates. There are many thin bands of white, tan, and crème colors. There are also several very thin bands of copper in the agate in both halves. One the one half, there is a band of copper just 4 bands up from the center. There is then a section of crème non-banded agate with sprays of copper throughout this section. One half has several fractures the other has none. The weight of this paired set weighs 5 grams.

Item #B332 Cost $45 







b357.jpgA 3 piece grouping showing different minerals and metal found at the wolverine mine.
The larger paint agate has 6 small eyes formed on its outer edge. Of the two larger eyes, one has an agate center with quartz isolating it from bands of crème and white bands of agate. The other eye is all agate in bands of different colors.
The second copper agate has a nice solid eye of copper with multiple thin bands of copper going through darker agate, then a section of lighter crème agate color, another band of copper. The other part of the amydgule is quartz, which has a small circle of copper at its end surrounding a small spot of agate.
The third sample has a circle of crème agate then surronded by a combination of pink and white agate, which changes into quartz, and agate. There are copper bands around the entire amygdule.
These 3 pieces weigh 4 grams.

Item #B357  Cost $85









b351.jpgThis lot consists of two halves of copper agates. The larger piece is a paint agate found at the bottom of the wolverine #2 pile. One half of it has a dark green eye with bands of white, pink and green bands. What makes this a strange agate is that the bands start out as pink then change to greens. The halves are separated by a  green mineral line. The other half is a dark green crystal with a nice spray of copper in it. This half has a bubble of pink expanding into it from the rim. The pink color goes completely around the specimen. It has not been given a final polish only ground up to 600 grit. you can see some rough spots on it yet. This weighs less than a gram.

The second specimen has an eye with a white agate or quartz center rimmed with copper, then a nice wide band of either agate or datolite. It then has very fine bands of copper mixed clear crystal with a purple hue, and white agate or datolite. It also has copper going around the outside of the majority of the sample. This specimen weighs less than a gram.
This lot is a great addition for the micro mount collectors.

Lot #B351 Cost  $75








e165.jpgA wolverine #2 paired set that has an almost solid copper eye, with nice colored chalcedony  banding. This set have been ground but not polished.

This set weighs 2 grams.

Item #E165 Cost is $25








e166.jpgThis large paired set from wolverine #2 shows a large area of quartz with copper banding around the outside. there is also one small pocket of chalcedony by the spot of copper located just inside the quartz area. This set weighs 7 grams.

Item #E166 Cost is $100








b343.jpgThis half of a copper agate shows nice copper banding around the outer edge of the specimen. One end has a small spur of copper extending past the outer rim. That same end is all crème color agate with several arcs of copper along the sides. There is a small area of copper and purple mineralization in the center. The other part of the amygdule is quartz. The weight of this piece is 2 grams.  

Item #B343  Cost $30 SOLD








b349.jpgThis small two piece set shows a copper eye on the left hand specimen, and copper bands on the right specimen.  They weigh a total of 1 gram.

Item #B349 Cost $25 SOLD








e168.jpgThis set shows a nice thick banding of copper around a chalcedony eye all on the edge of a quartz ball. This set is ground but not polished. This set weighs 2 grams.

Item #E168 Cost is $50








e170.jpgThis wolverine #2 set shows quartz area and the chalcedony areas both lined with copper with copper also banding in with the pink chalcedony. This set is ground but not polished. The set weighs in at 4 grams.

Item E170 Cost is $50








e179.jpgThis set shows an eye and banding of copper and chalcedony in one area on a ball of quartz. The right half shows a thin band of chalcedony  along the rim. This set weighs 4 grams.

Item #E179 Cost is $50









b393.jpgb393a.jpgb393b.jpgb393c.jpgA very nice paired paint agates with specs of copper. The color combination is great with pinks, whites, greens, purple, and creme. Trying to focus in on all the different agate eyes was rough, but still the pictures do not give it justice. The multiple banding of various colors makes this a micro collectors dream. There is flexs of copper in both halves. The smaller half picture #3 weighs 1 gram, the last picture of the larger piece weighs 3 grams. Another nice pair from Kearsarge Michigan. Note: there are still some minor saw marks on the faces,  but the collector did not want to go down any deeper on the face.

Item #393 Cost $60 SOLD








e169.jpgA nice paired set from wolverine #2 that shows multiple eyes of copper with some copper banding around banded chalcedony with quartz filling up the rest of the amygdule. This set weighs less than 1 ounce.

Item #E169 Cost is $50








e178.jpgThis wolverine paired set shows nice multiple bands of copper mixed with both chalcedony and quartz. This set weighs 3 grams

Item #E178 Cost is $250







e179.jpgThis paired set shows mainly quartz with two bands of copper mixed with a small area of chalcedony, this set weighs 4 grams

Item #E179 Cost is $50










e177.jpgThis paired set from wolverine #2 shows a large spot of copper with banded chalcedony. This set weighs 7 grams.

Item #E177 Cost is $25







e163.jpgThis lot consists of two paired sets from the wolverine #2. The larger set has a copper swirl center between quartz and agate. The smaller set has a solid copper eye in quartz. The quartz in both sets has a light purple hue to them. This lot weighs 11 grams.

Item #E163 Costs $100







e176.jpgThis unusual wolverine #2 specimen shows many distinct copper eyes on one half and a smaller amount on the other half. all in a mixture of quartz and chalcedony with yellow and green mineralization as well. there is two small cavities as well one at each end. This set weighs in at 16 grams.

Item #E176 Cost is $350





b394.jpgA nice sample of chalcedony banded agate from the wolverine mine dump. It shows nice banding with large areas of infused copper. It has a copper eye with the center being of a whiter color agate  than the banding. The fracture line on upper left side seems to be fixed as there is a light line of purple running down the line. This specimen weighs a bit over 2 grams.

Item #B394 Cost $50







b436a.jpgA very nice example of a wolverine mine copper agate. The bottom of the picture shows 3 eyes. The one medium sized one has a solid copper eye, and one of the smaller eyes has a spray of copper. Very nice banding with various colors. It is 1" X 1/2" and weighs 2 grams.

Item #B436 Cost $75








e174.jpgA large paired wolverine set with copper in large areas around quartz. It also has spots of assorted black and green mineralization. this set weighs in at 35 grams.

Item #E174 Cost is $50








b346.jpgA two piece set from the wolverine 2 mine dumps. The specimen on the left has a black/green mineral eye in the agate with a spec of copper in it. there is also several thin purple color  bands in the agate as well as a green mineral spot.  The specimen on the right has an unusual double quartz eyes with spots of copper in both eyes. At the opposite edge which is shown at the lower right in the picture, is loaded with a spray of copper with some purple color bands. Sorry, the pictures do not do these samples justice.

Item #346 Cost $30 SOLD








b416.jpgA matched set of nice copper banded agates. notice that the sides are not matching in banding and colors. The specimen on the left has two eyes, one of quartz with copper the other is a dark mineral eye. There is a small band of copper in the banded agate. The right side specimen has more spots of copper in it, and a bit more green mineralization. The large window also is more clear than the other half and has a slight purple hue to it.   It is 11/16" X 7/16", and weighs 4 grams.

Item #B416 Price is $35 SOLD